“It’s Fun, It’s Friendship, It’s Fitness, So Hoop Your Way To Happiness"
hula   hooping


Hula Hooping is great fun, it makes

you smile, helps with fitness and       

co-ordination, burns lots of calories

and lifts your spirits

Hula Hooping to me is all about fun, it’s a great way to lift your spirits and feel good about yourself. Although when you start it may take a few attempts it’s a great sense of achievement when you have mastered the technique.  It is essential to use the right size and weight of hoop.  It can also help with mental agility and co-ordination. It brings people together and makes you laugh, and as well as all those positive things it also burns calories and improves your fitness. My classes are all about helping people of any fitness levels to do something that is fun, which they do at their own pace and ability without feeling under pressure to keep up with strict routines. I teach all ages and fitness levels and tailor each routine to each individual person’s needs. Hula Hooping can be for fun events such as parties or birthdays. It’s for everyone.
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